We Are Stocking A Wide Range Of Special Steel Products On Exclusive Basis At Our Warehouse In Awir Dubai, To Cater To The Needs Of Our Customers.

Our Range Of Products

1. Alloyed And Unalloyed Engineering Steels...

C 45(En 8), 42 Crmo4 (En 19) Treated, 34crnimo6(En 24) Treated As Round Bars From    Dia 20mm To 800mm

    *C 45 Normalised Flats.

2. Stainless Steel Sheets And Plates Grade 304 And 316l....

3.Stainless Steel Architectural Finish Sheets Like Mirror             No.8/Brush No.4 / Ti Gold And Etched Sheets                                                                                                 

4. Tool Steels.2312, 2738,2344,2510,……………Etc   Rounds And Flats.

5. Aluminium Blocks For Moulds.

6. Stainless Steel 304/316l Round Bars.

7. Abrasion Resistant Plates, Chromed Bars, Bronze Hollow Bars.

We Will Be Supplying All The Above Material In Different Sizes From Our Stocks.








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